Friday, June 26, 2009

The cabin in the summer

There are three things I love about summer- watermelon, the 4th of July, and the cabin.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Aspen Trees and Pine Trees

Have you ever seen a mountain side with a dozen or so pine trees that look like they've seen better days? The rest of the pine trees are healthy and flourishing- but those few scattered throughout are really noticeable. Very rarely do you see that with Aspen trees. Aspen trees are either all healthy or all dead. That's because their root systems are independent of one another. If one goes bad then it eventually dies and because nutrients for the other trees. Aspen trees have a root system that is connected. One Aspen tree gets a disease and the whole lot is affected.

Advantages to both I'm guessing. I like the idea of being a Pine tree- independent of the culture and other negativity that surrounds me. Not affected by that crisis or this crisis. However, being an Aspen tree sounds like it could be a good deal too. If the trees are healthy the connecting root system brings health and life.

Trees grow where they are planted. They have no choice. I have a choice.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

We have no Walmarts today.........

Picture perfect scenery. Fun time with the family. Wild animals galore. But we have no Wal-marts. In the wild (the mountain countryside) there is a certain challenge to live with less. No shopping. No garage sales. No hustle. No bustle. Just quiet. Just wind. Just river currents rushing. Surprisingly, I'm okay with that. More than okay with that. Sitting on the porch. Riding bikes. Fishing. All good. No, we have no Walmarts today- but who needs one?

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Over the past few months I've been following a blog called April Rose. Just found out the author of the blog was scamming everyone. She wasn't pregnant with a baby that had a birth defect and wasn't expected to live.

I feel sad for her this "b" person. She needs some help, some friends, a life. Hopefully those around her will see that she needs help and intervene. In the meantime, all those prayers offered up on April Rose behalf I'm sure were transferred to another mom who truly was facing the loss of her precious child. Oh how I hope that is the case!

Thankful for my children and their health.

B- wherever, whoever you are. I forgive you. Please get help.