Saturday, April 4, 2009

Snowy Saturday Simple

We were supposed to get a big storm. A blizzard of 2009 in April. The storm either forgot to come or the weather men were a little over optimistic. They weren't all wrong, it is windy and there is a light dusting but a blizzard is pretty much of an overstatement.

It is Saturday. I'm being quite lazy today and trying to be okay with that. My kids are hanging with my mom this weekend so that Les can get the house cleaned and I can rest some more. I'm really hoping Les will get the laundry done and at least the bathrooms. Maybe vacuum....... A girl can dream.

Wishing life could be simpler today. I've never longed to live in the country except the past few months. Away from everyone, everything and all distractions. It would be nice to not have competing priorities. I used to think I'd get bored living way out in the country but now I'm not so sure. Perhaps when my children are older or even away from the nest country life will become more than an idea and even more attractive to me. The trick will be finding a simpler life in the city. Not sure how to make that happen.

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