Sunday, May 3, 2009

If I were a space alien

Okay, so usually I stay away from if I were statements.... (except the statement, "if I won the lottery". We play that game a little too much.) but I couldn't resist this one. I'm watching Independence Day for the 5 millionth time and realized that the aliens in this movie just aren't that smart.

It's absolutely true that we know nothing of the other life forms this alien species destroyed and it could absolutely be true that our species is far superior than previous life forms. However, they have space travel technology, force fields and use telepathy to communicate. It seems that they are leaps and bounds ahead of where we are. I mean, with the telepathy, couldn't they have read Will Smith's mind and figured out his plan to download the virus? Honestly, you would think they would be able to figure out that humans were piloting the space craft that flew into their "mother ship".

If I were a space alien I would have done a little more research on the human race before I decided to attack them. If they would have they would discovered we are pretty resilient. We've overcome a ton in our short history. Just 50 years ago personal computers were unheard of- now, everyone has a personal computer on their phone. Between twitter and Facebook I pretty much know what friends and family are doing each second of the day. While we don't always get along we have a tendency to pull together when things get rough. It's called the Human Spirit. If I were a space alien I would just skip over Earth.

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