Friday, May 1, 2009

My daughter Lauren

Lauren is my first born. She's probably the most like me out of all my children. However, she doesn't have any of my negative qualities. She is very determined and a hard worker. She's spent about 7 hours now making and decorating a cake for the Expo today. While it's not perfect it's pretty close. It was her very first try at using Fondant. I would have given up about 6 hours ago and just decorated a cake with icing from the can and sprinkles. Of course, this has been her only responsibility this week so she could devote her time and energy to it- but still, she's 12.

I am so very proud of her. I wish you all could see her hard work ethic. The thing I love the most about this process for her is that she loved doing this. She wants to do another one soon. How great would this be for her to find something she was passionate at so young. Something she could perfect over the years. I keep telling her that she could work her way through school decorating cakes. Very proud of her. I'll take a picture and post when she is all finished.

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