Monday, July 27, 2009

Creativity One Oh One

Jackson is the little one. We've decided to homeschool him next year and then send him to Kindergarten. His birthday is July 31st. A late birthday so a late start. He could probably handle the full-time kindergarten but why push it? So he's home one more year. That's okay with me. Everyone I've asked about holding back said it was the right decision. Boys mature later and do so much better if they just have more time to develop and be ready for school. Today he asked to paint. He decided to paint one side of the paper and fold it over. According to him, "That made it "more" better". He just made me a rainbow. Very nice. I'll take one more year home with him when he's 4 and then again when he's 18. There is no hurry. Life happens.

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