Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Jackson is almost 5

How did that happen? Wasn't it just last month that I had the flu and discovered I was also pregnant? What a surprise it was to be expecting a child when we thought our family was done. He was the only one that I had morning sickness with. Everyday for over 9 months I threw up. It was obvious to me that the little one I was carrying was definitely different than my girls. When we saw the ultra-sound it was confirmed- the last member of our family would be a boy! The exclamation point to our family sentence.

My first memory of him is laying in the hospital bed, holding him. His big eyes looking up at me while I softly sang to him a lullaby. The look on his little newborn face was one of recognition and surprise. The last 5 years have been swift. He makes us laugh. He makes his sisters crazy. He makes our family complete.

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