Monday, August 10, 2009

First day of school 2009

No pictures. I didn't take even one picture. We did a fabulous experiment on aquifers and a wonderful art session on portraits. No pictures. Thankfully, school is more than one day :)! Well, most of the time I'm thankful for that fact (except the days I'm not).

Emily did great today. She was very patient and never asked me one time, "are we done yet". I think because she could see all the work laid out for her. I'm using the workbox system (again, not one picture of it).

Jackson was at his Granny's most of the day so I really only had to worry about him for about an hour before the girl's were done. We played Buggy Bingo and worked on vowel sounds.

Lauren is still trying to finish math from last year (yes, I should have pushed her to finish this summer but I was tired of pushing). She worked on math for about 3 hours today and read. Not a fun day for her but her official start to school is at the end of August.

Already planned tomorrow's school day for Emily. She has an EEG tonight and because of that we probably will not start until around noon (or as soon as she takes a nap and has lunch).

Off to make dinner for Emily and Les before they leave for the hospital (I get an EEG break and Les is taking a turn- upside of being laid off).

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