Monday, September 21, 2009

It's Monday

Well, I only achieved one of my goals from last week. I gave the dog a bath. Surprisingly, his ears have cleared up without intervention from a vet so we're hoping it has something to do with the colder weather. School took up a majority of our days last week. We're really staying focused and on track. Love that it's the middle to end of September and we have yet to completely miss a day

Today is Jackson's EEG. Hopefully, this is the last EEG he will have for a long time. He has been grumpy and moody the past couple of weeks so it makes me a little suspicious. Thinking that if the brain waves are not normal we'll consider keeping him off medications until something "happens". He's around the age Emily started having really big and noticeable seizures and nothing. My mommy gut tells me he's going to be fine.

Good day at church yesterday but somehow ended up with a migraine headache. It took forever to work itself out. Hoping to avoid a headache today. I know it's from stress I get that. I just wish my body knew what my heart and mind know. Everything is going to be okay. We'll bounce back from this.

Les has a couple things in the works and hopefully something will pan out soon. We keep trying to stay focused on what we know about God. Scriptures help, encouragement helps. Life is just full of ups and downs and we'll get through this.

It will be good to see God woo my family through the amazing promises he will deliver on-

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