Sunday, September 27, 2009

Why I love Sundays

I wish Sundays lasted longer than 24 hours. I love everything about it from going to church, out to lunch, family time, special desserts, naps and cuddling on the couch.

Right now we're having a Wii night and counting down the minutes until bedtime. I'm watching my family laugh and work together to get the little lego man up a bridge and over a river. My daughter is explaining all the little tricks of the game. She's like a tour guide for lego land. The others are very patient with her. Jackson has a tendency to shoot the players that are on the good team. It can be quite frustrating if you're the guy he shoots.

Busy week ahead as we start school and plan for Lauren's birthday party. She's turning 13. I'm not sure when that happened. When I had time to grow up and have a teenager to call my own. We are taking a few girls to the cabin for a girls weekend. Looking forward to watching my girl grow into a woman. I still remember walking around Wal-mart waiting for her "pacifier" mouth to go away so we could get her picture taken. Sweet picture,sweet girl.

Still trying to navigate through unemployment land. My husband does not seem worried. Perhaps it's faith, perhaps denial- whatever it is- (yes, I use dashes way too much) it can drive me nuts. Praying for a job offer this week. Open hands- God is who He says He is. May not like what the future has in store but I would rather walk this road in obedience than to be out of His will.

Happy Sunday- (there's that dash again)

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