Tuesday, November 24, 2009

And then there were none

Emily's seizure yesterday left us all disjointed. Emily slept almost the entire day. She had to go get blood drawn for the doctor's so about 3:00 this afternoon I dragged her to the labs, in her pajamas, hair uncombed, with snow boots on her feet. I should have taken a picture. Still quite dizzy I had to hold her up while she walked. We got a few stares needless to say. About 6:00 this evening Emily is finally back to normal. Still a little of center but it's manageable.

The doctor's at children want us to call the next time and every time she has a seizure. They will determine when she goes back in to the hospital based on the frequency of the seizure activity. Hoping, beyond hope, to catch a seizure on the EEG. This information will prove to be the silver bullet in helping us figure out exactly how to treat her. The seizures are so elusive, the medicine so ineffective, that the Dr said we were stuck between a rock and a hard place. Poor Emily. It's a never ending battle, I just hope that we always have one more thing to try. I do not want to ever hear that we have no options left to find answers or to make her life better.

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