Sunday, November 29, 2009

Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree

I love decorating for Christmas. Pulling out the ornaments from over the years. Each with an initial or year on them and a special memory attached. Like a ballerina for Em or a gymnast for Lauren. A soccer ball for Jackson. Of course, the handmade ones are my favorite. My goal is to have a boxful of ornaments for each of my children when they leave the house to start their own Christmas trees. A head start if you will. I have one more tree to go but will wait until later in the month to put the tree up. It's a scripture tree with Christmas themed verses on ornaments. I also have a collection of angels and old style church buildings that I put on that tree. I love it. This year I also did a red and white themed little tree, my country tree and of course the family tree that has not only Santa's on it but the family ornaments. Time to get a new tree so that one tree is family ornaments and one tree is just a Santa tree.

Will try to post pictures today of Thanksgiving and then the new trees.

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