Thursday, January 21, 2010

My Valentine Day Tree.

This is the tree I keep up year round. I like the lights and it's fun to celebrate the different seasons/holidays. Not much on Valentine Day unless it involves a night away with my love and dinner at a fun chic cafe somewhere. Otherwise, I see it as a complete waste of energy for the many single girls and lonely wives. Worrying whether or not their husband/boyfriend will remember and give flowers. I used to be like that until I realized my husband does nice things for me all year round to show that he loves me- Valentines Day is an excuse to have one more date night that month and for that I'm excited. Of course, if it does involve chocolates, flowers or smoochy cards I will not mind, I just will not be disappointed if it doesn't. Something about 17 years of being married I finally know Les. He's not one to draw attention or be sappy. That's fine with me. I'll take consistent love, favors, and support 365 days a year and not one big flourished display.

But alas, (I said, alas) I will be fine with a tree with hearts on it from Hobby Lobby- can not beat the deal of 10 hearts for 2.75- to celebrate this day. I will smooch him one or two more times on the 14th just for good measure and will be sad for my friends who get their panties in a wad when the flowers do not arrive.

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