Thursday, February 18, 2010

Looking at the bright side of things

There is something powerful about the sun. I love sunny days. I love the blue sky, the warmth of the sun and white fluffy clouds. Bright rooms filled with natural sunlight make me happy.

Unless, I'm sad then bright rooms make me just feel angry. I have high windows and on bright days the whole house just sings of happiness. It's absolutely frustrating to be in these rooms when you feel sad. I want to paint the windows black and pull the blinds down.

Colorado does not have wide varying weather. Believe it or not it can stay sunny for days on end. Rarely does it stay cloudy for long and I like that- usually. This week the weather calendar shows clouds and snow all week. Right now as I look out my window I see only blue sky with a few clouds. I've been hoping for a cloudy miserable day to fit my mood and have yet to find it. I've thought of changing my mood to match the sunny weather. You know look at the bright side of things and be happy for the sunny weather. Just my luck though I'll change my mood to match the sunny weather and then it will be cloudy and I'll have to change it back again.

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