Friday, April 16, 2010

Two posts in two days..... Must be chatty

Actually, not chatty today. Just throwing around an idea and really thinking that I'm on to something. I don't want to divulge anything because, well, it's not fully formed. Sort of like the cupcakes I bake. They tend to be flat in the middle- the cupcakes.

I am spending next two months getting ready for a garage sale. This one is going to be the biggest one I've ever done and I'm going to promise myself not to bring anything back into the house. It's over for a ton of items in my house. I plan on doing a little bit each day so that I'm not completely overwhelmed when the time comes around. Lots of things to sort through and let go. Loved it once and now it's time to go...on to another home or the goodwill.

Well, I have 30 minutes to get to a student's house and my hair is wet and materials not gathered. Need to stop being chatty, continue to bake my idea and get busy.

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Sandy said...

What's the date?? We should try to get the neighborhood in on it. Will you do it before June 12th? I need some motivation to go through my house as well.