Tuesday, May 18, 2010

10 Lessons Learned Homeschooling

Our 6th year anniversary for Homeschooling is coming up in August. It has been an adventure in learning not only our ABC's but what works for us as a family. We've made some mistakes along the way and have learned from them. We've also made many right choices and have learned from those too. Here's a list of my top ten lessons from the past 5 years. Can you add to my list?

1. What works for one family does not mean it will work for our family. Every family is unique and every child in that family is unique. This is the beauty of homeschooling. No structured curriculum or one size fits all.
2. In the grand scheme of elementary school the most important thing to learn is HOW to learn not necessarily WHAT. Math will always be math and will always be important-you should learn math and how to read. The rest is butter.
3. Consistency is crucial except when it isn't.
4. All homeschooling families are not created equal.
5. Socialization is not a problem. Well, actually sometimes it is a problem when there's too much of it.
6. Co-ops, learning groups,and other activities should never take the place of core studies at home.
7. There are some things I can not teach well. There is a network that can help without sacrificing our homeschooling goals.
8. May sucks. Christmas Break is essential.
9. Research many products, ask for samples, buy used.
10. The library is our friend.

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#8?? foul language. :)