Friday, May 14, 2010

Feeling restless

May is such a hard time for me. The end of the school year rush. Getting things done, attending end of the school year activities, planning for summer, advertising for new business and on it goes.

We are all in desperate need of a long vacation. Sadly, my husband does not have vacation with this contract job so he will only be able to come to the cabin on the weekends. It doesn't seem quite fair to leave him here while we go off into the mountains for almost a month. He would never ask us to stay and would be confused if I insisted. The kids love it there so much and it's a great experience for them. He doesn't mind driving back and forth each weekend and will probably be able to work out working 4-10 hour days to work a couple 3 day weekends in there.

I will enjoy the time completely. A break from running kids place to place and a full load of students. Time with just my kids to do nothing. Even cleaning the bathroom seems un-chore like when it's at the cabin.

For now I will trudge through the next two weeks. Anticipating what this summer will bring: bike rides, fishing, hiking, bears, picnics, smores, bears, Lake City, Sand Dunes, Creede, 4th of July, reading on the porch, bears, watching my kids have the time of their lives and anxiously wait for the weekends when Les can join the fun.

Who knows, maybe next summer he'll have two weeks of vacation again and be able to join us?

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