Friday, December 26, 2008

Here we are at the end of the year!

I really hope to keep up this blog this year. Mostly because I have a fabulous idea for next year at Christmas time. What motivation. Christmas is over (as of yesterday) and I am itching to get the decorations down. I probably will do that on Saturday if nothing better comes along. It was a good Christmas Season. We had several different dinners this past month. It's been fun but now we are ready to just focus on the new year.

I have several potential students in the works and hopefully will have a full student load by the middle of January. I'm looking forward to this new adventure. On top of being able to help some children and their families who struggle with reading and spelling- I'll have a little extra money to spend on home school material and our kids
activities throughout the year.

Les is at work today and it's so hard not to have him here. He just started a new job and their holiday schedule is different than his last employer's. Les has some vacation but usually only likes to take vacation if we actually "go" somewhere. This is one of the ways we are different. I love to just stay home sometimes. Especially when life is crazy and there is so much going on in life.

Lauren is shopping with her best friend and Jackson's best buddy is over playing with all of Jack's new toys. Emily and I just watched a movie and now she's off playing with her new DS. I'm trying to relax because I know that this is one of the last days I'll be able to just relax and not do anything.

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