Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ugh! Not posting enough!

Okay- so 2009 is still new. It's only the end of January but I feel like I have already let you all down by not posting. I have been so encouraged to post more after reading so many great Blogs.

One I have to tell you about is a post called Audrey Caroline and here is the link I can not tell you in accurate or appropriate words how wonderful this blog has been for me to read. If you check it out you must start at the beginning of the blog. Just to give you a heads up- you MUST not have on make-up when you read this blog. God is good and faithful I just don't give him the worship and credit due Him.

The girls and I are starting a memory verse challenge. If you'd like to join us we are starting with Psalms 143:8.

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