Monday, February 2, 2009

Monday Melodies

This week I'm picking new colors for my house. This month we're starting about 10 projects. Yes, 10-we go from 0 to mach 500 around here. (How do you spell mach?). The list of projects include painting the interior of the house, finishing painting Jackson's room, dressing up curtains, re-finishing an old coffee table and desk, covering 4 chairs, clearing out the basement and garage. All by the end of the month.

I'll take before and after pictures and post them. It will keep me motivated to finish. I'm now in-love with the Nesting Place blog. She has so many ideas that are so easy and just as cute as can be! Now we just need some funds.

I love the color Tobacco Road. Painting the walls this color will be a good backdrop for this house I think. Thankfully, a friend of mine is helping me pick out colors for my wall. She has a knack for decorating. Sometimes you just need someone to come along side of you and say- Do this!

Updated: Okay, so after walking around aimlessly around my home I decided to switch the curtains in our kitchen and the curtains in the living room. I think this will make each of those rooms look so different. I also think I'll dress them up according to the colors in those separate rooms. Sometimes you just have to step back and say- how can I use this differently?

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