Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Squirrel In My Tree

Every morning while I lay (or is it lie) in bed deciding whether or not to get out of bed a little brown squirrel plays just outside my window. I can see him in the tree busily doing whatever squirrels do in the middle of winter. This morning I actually started feeling a little guilty just laying there while he was being so industrious. I started thinking about the myriad of chores I could be completing before the children got up. I also thought about my treadmill in the other room waiting for me to use it. The longer I watched this squirrel and stayed in bed the guiltier I felt. With guilt always comes rationalization. It must be that the squirrel did not have a warm comfy bed to tempt him. Of course, I'd get up too if I slept outside in a bush or in a hole (where do squirrels sleep?). For now I will be thankful for the squirrel who is busy outside my window. Tomorrow the squirrel will look in my window at me and see me sleeping in my warm comfy bed. I'm sure he will feel guilty that he is not resting and restoring his soul.

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Sweet CuddleCakes said...

What a tenderly written piece! Nice!