Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Letting Emily Try

My daughter is 10 and is still struggling to read well. She has dyslexia which makes it difficult for her to recall language patterns and she has Epilepsy which adds a whole other dimension to her struggles. Lately, she has been insistent that she wants to work by herself on her school work. She's upstairs working on her math. I'm not sure how many problems she has finished but I'm sure it's only one or two.

How do you let your daughter that struggles everyday fail over and over? At what point do you stop hovering over her because you know one day she'll be an adult and you will not be there every minute? I'm not sure I know how to parent a child with special needs. It was easier when she was little. I had more control and it was normal for a parent to have that much control.

Emily came downstairs with a question just now. She's done almost all her problems and missed only one. Thankfully only one.

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