Sunday, March 8, 2009

Let it be spring.....

There has been very little snow this winter. No storm of 2008/09 to spin tales about for years to come. In Colorado our Spring rain is most likely coming down in the form of snow.

Yesterday it snowed in the morning but by lunch the snow had melted and the sky was blue. To top the day off there was a mini-blizzard around 4:00. Spring is here in Colorado. There are no flowers, green grass or budding trees to be reminded of Spring's promise of new life. Instead, the months of March, April and May bring frequent changes of weather that require a winter coat one day and shorts the next.

But when it comes, when Spring delivers on its promise of new life there is nothing comparable. Wild flower fields against a majestic backdrop of soaring mountains and star lit nights are indescribably beautiful. So wait Spring as long as you need we don't mind.

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Reba said...

I somehow did not realize you had a blog. How fun! I will have to visit it more to check in on your crew. We are experiencing those "coat one day, short sleeves the next" days recently. I don't think I will tell my husband about your blog...he already wants to travel to Colorado...he might end up moving us there!