Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Being complete

Today we (Les and I) went to an amazing model home. Not just any model home mind you but one that cost 999,999- that's dollars. It wasn't decorated. In fact it was quite empty with a few chairs here and there. But honestly, it didn't have to be decorated. The house spoke for itself. Crown molding- the real wood kind. Baseboards at least a foot tall. Not kidding friends, I GOT LOST. Lost in the space of customization. The laundry room itself was worth the price tag.

Leaving the house Les got a call from a recruiter about a job. He told Les the dollar amount and I felt incomplete. How would we ever be able to afford THIS house on THAT salary. In fact, I'm pretty sure we wouldn't be able to afford the laundry room. My mind whirling and my mouth complaining I actually said, "Well, you can always keep looking for something that makes more." Have you been following my blog? LES IS UNEMPLOYED and I am ungratefully complaining about a possible job opportunity. Does God have to make it any plainer than that? I am completely and overwhelming discontent. It's not about a job. It's not about a house. It's not about a paycheck. It's about my heart longing for more- and it ain't spiritual.

I wish I could be less concerned about things of the material nature and much more concerned with things of a spiritual nature. I don't want to hit rock bottom to learn a lesson.

(Please note: I re-read my blog and it sounded like there would be a job out there that would allow us to afford a million dollar home- mmmmm? No. Unless the lottery picks our numbers that house isn't in our future- just so we're clear on that minor custom detail).

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