Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My husband fixed the washing machine.

Said with amazement and disbelief. I am completely in awe that he even knew where to start. It's not that my husband is an "unhandy" man, he's just not a "Handyman". Take the garage door opener- please. Okay, seriously, it hasn't worked in a like a year. He almost got it fixed but not quite. Time to call someone and give in if you ask me. I want to park in my garage. Especially with winter coming, the snow, the frost, the ice.

If I could be rich for just a day I would hire the following handymen: a painter, a gardener, a garage door fixer, a window cleaner, a carpet cleaner, a re-tiler, a tile grouter cleaner, you get the picture. (OH! A picture hanger would be nice too).

Les has an interview tomorrow. Praying and hoping he gets this job. Wanting this time in our lives to be over. Ready to move forward and onward. What's the next chapter? What's the next mountain to climb?

Thankful for my "unhandyman" who is "handy" with my heart, with the kids, with our lives.

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