Sunday, September 6, 2009

Ode to My Husband

As I type this my husband is making the 45 minute one way trip to Alamosa. The only Walgreens in the area. My children have been blessed with odd shaped ear drums and as a result, ear infections are quite common. Thankfully, our doctor called in an antibiotic and ear pain meds for Jackson over the phone.

Thus the trip to Alamosa. Of course, we were actually in Lake City on our day trip which is 2 hours in the opposite direction of the only Walgreens. We rushed through lunch to get back to the cabin so that Les could get there before they closed. No complaining or "woe is me" from him. He just does what needs to be done. Last night Jackson threw up a little (just from all the nose drainage) and Les took care of it. Including throwing the linens in the washing machine. No complaining.

My husband is a sacrificer for his family. Just when I think, he's reached his giving limit he just gives more. Does the dishes, makes the bed, does the laundry- plus, goes to work (well, usually goes to work).

When I married him I knew he was a giver. I just didn't really know he was a giver past the "I'm dating you and putting on my best face" phase. I love that six little eyes are watching him and learning from him. I love that six little eyes see that he loves them. I love that he is a constant example of what it means to be a good dad and husband.

Would I go back and make different choices? No. Not in a million years. It's funny because I've had a few people talk about the stress unemployment will put on our marriage. I guess in most cases they are correct. It's hard being unemployed. It's hard worrying about money. But when you are married to a man whose character is deeper than the events of the moment, it's okay. It's not overwhelming.

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