Friday, December 11, 2009

A big sigh

Colorado has mild winters. We might have a day or two of snowy weather, gray clouds, cold weather but we are hardly ever just socked in with gray clouds. After every storm, no matter how long or brief, something amazing happens. If you've never been to this state it will be hard to fully understand what I'm about to try and articulate. After a storm, especially a snow storm, the clouds part and the most amazing blue sky appears. It's absolutely breathtaking to see the snow on the ground contrasted with the blue sky. The air is crisp and clean.

I wish I could capture the blue in a picture or a painting but it's just not possible. Perhaps it's because all the senses are engaged not just the eyes. The blue is not just a color it is something you feel in your bones.

The blue is like a big sigh from the sky. It's as if it worked really hard to get rid of the storm and now it's just resting just peaceful. A big sigh.

I feel that today. I feel the peace and rest that only a big sigh can bring. Les has a job that starts January 4th. It's such a relief. Just when things were getting really bad they start to get better. The storm clouds have rolled back and there is an amazing indescribable blue.

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