Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year

Tonight we celebrate God's blessings and provision from 2009. Hard to believe this year and all that it has entailed. I wish I could bullet all blessings from beginning to end but I do not have the strength. If you are that curious about my year you can go back and read in the archives.

Let me just say that at the beginning of this year we could not even guess that we would be unemployed for 6 months. Especially since Les had just started a new job the September before. With fear and trepidation I look at this upcoming year but only when I forget that despite the economic setback we endured --God's blessings saw us through. His amazing blessings. The details of the timing of the unemployment right down to the time of the reemployment were exactly perfect. The fact that Les' boss called him back to work for 25/30 hours a week kept us afloat. The whole COBRA allowance helped tremendously and allowed us to keep our insurance and not lose our house.

January 4th starts a new job for Les. I have 3 new students and because of that my schedule is full. I have no empty spaces and even a waiting list. Economically we'll be able to move forward. To catch up and be better stewards. I want to remember all that God has provided for us in this last year. Like standing stones I want people to see God's hand in our lives. That even on the crummiest of days we made it. God provided a way. He parted the river and we are standing again on solid ground.

God bless your 2010. I pray that it is a year of blessings and just enough trials to bring you closer to Him.

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