Tuesday, December 29, 2009

You know those moments when life truths

When life truths hit you in the head like a ton of bricks. I mean, they are usually moments not intended to hit you upside the head but do anyway. You know when your five year old says you look like Santa... ok, I get it! A few less sweets and few more hours on the treadmill.

I had one of those todays. One of those, "that pretty much sums up my life" moments. I posted on my facebook account that I was going to start a 2010 project today. Nothing wrong with that. In my mind I'm getting a head start on the new year. However, a friend posted back that it was actually the last of the 2009 projects since today is 12/29. Ouch a little because this is really the story of my life. I never finish well I always start well, but never finish well. I do great with the first 20 chapters of a book and then- well, skimming is faster and I can get to the end and move on to another book that I can read the first 20 chapters. Or another example, cleaning the house. I have to start at a different place each time. Not because it's more exciting that way or because it breaks up the monotony of cleaning but because if I didn't, certain sections would never get cleaned. I do not finish well.

So, this year, the year of 2009, I will finish well. I will complete at least two projects that I've been meaning to do all year and had just transferred to the next year.

So if you get any of those unintended moments in the next few days-let me know so I'm not all alone.

Finishing well in 2009!

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