Sunday, January 3, 2010

Would like to grow... just add quiet reflection

It seems as if God draws me closer to Him through trials. I'd liked to learn how to draw closer to God through quiet reflection and study of His word instead of through trials and tribulation. Do you think that's possible? So many illustrations point to the potter and the work that the potter does. He stretches and shapes the clay with pressure and sometimes has to begin again. Or what about the illustration of iron being sharpened. That in order for the blade to be sharp it has to be heated and shaved. It seems as if there is no easy way to grow. Only through difficult growth can we move forward.

Except, there are people I know who seem to not face any trials. They seem to be growing. They seem to be closer to God than the last time we talked. How is that? I want some of that. Some of that quiet reflection that brings me closer to being like Jesus. I'd prefer not to experience pain though. At least for a year. Let's have this be a pain-free year but still lots of spiritual growth. Do you think that's possible?

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