Monday, February 15, 2010

Made it through

Wow! That was an emotionally exhausting trip. After the major vertigo and panic attack on Tuesday something chemically went wrong. I couldn't stop crying. Very hard place to be since I had to judge 4 rounds of speeches. Thankfully I didn't do any dramatic interps because I think they would have had to peel me off the ground.

Trying not to do too much today and just chill out. Jackson will not leave my side. He is such a momma's boy. I'll take it for now but he better be over it by Kindergarten. It will break my heart to have to take him day after day. He's missing school today so that he can "be with me". I told him one day he can miss but he has to go back on Wednesday.

Lauren is behind in school and trying to catch up. She's been so very stressed and absolutely overwhelmed. She'll need a break here very soon.

So glad I made it through the past weekend. I have a light week ahead and then and easy weekend. Plan on doing as much of nothing as I can.

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