Friday, December 18, 2009

This morning

This morning Emily worked on school while Lauren is at a friend's house babysitting. Jackson is playing quietly and trying not to interrupt his sister. I'm listening to Celtic Christmas music and cleaning the house. I have quite a bit left to do yet today but wanted just to sit down for a minute. This afternoon I'm off to buy stocking stuffers for the kids and Les' Christmas present. Wish I could give him the moon this year. It's been a hard year for him.

I wrapped some Christmas presents this morning and realized I'm just not good at that. Les does a fantastic job and Lauren is taking after him. She's very precise. I'm so excited about her Christmas gifts this year. Absolutely excited for Emily's present and I think Jackson is going to go bonkers. We didn't buy much but we were careful to get the kids exactly what they wanted most of all. I'm going to relish this time with the kids these last two weeks because it's going to be nuts starting in January.

Are you praying for a White Christmas? I'd be absolutely over it for a White Christmas.

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