Friday, December 18, 2009

When we don't believe

This is the first year Emily doesn't believe in Santa. I told her there wasn't one. I was a little worried that she still did believe in Santa because Lauren hasn't believed in probably 3 years. I feel bad in a way. I mean, the magic and the wonder of Santa is something I love. That's why I keep my Santa's up all year. It reminds me to be charitable, thoughtful and giving all year long.

The wonder of Santa is gone for Emily. She said to me that she wished she could believe one more year. Poor girl. Maybe I should have let her believe one more year. Or at least waiting until after Christmas this year to tell her.

However, I just read an article about a mall Santa and a little girl that sat on his lap and asked if his dad could become an Elf. The Santa asked why and she said, "because my dad has been out of work". The mom started to cry as the Santa asked the little girl if he was good with a hammer. This year has been tough on us but thanks to friends and family we've been able to keep our heads above water. While it's not as big a Christmas as usual the kids still have presents under the tree. The stockings will still have presents in them and we'll have a nice Christmas dinner. God has blessed us and I wish I could be more grateful, more giving, more generous like Santa. Because when we don't believe we forget that the greatest gift of all was a tiny baby. A Savior for mankind. All but for grace are there presents under the tree and all but for grace I am saved.

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