Monday, February 8, 2010

I've come undone....

It's easy to do these days. I do not like a hectic schedule but sometimes it can not be helped. Things do not slow down for me until February 14th and then they seem to ease up for awhile but until then it's chaos. Today I would like nothing more than to stay in bed all day. Cuddled up under the blankets. Wishing for more snow, reading a book and determined to feel like I'm on vacation. However, Jackson needs to be picked up from school in about 45 minutes and then I have 2 students. By 6:00 tonight I'll be done and ready for bed- yes, it was that kind of weekend. Tomorrow is really not any better. Co-op in the morning until 12:00, rush home for a quick lunch, 2 students, and pack for Denver. Wednesday through Friday Lauren and I will be in Denver at a speech conference. Very excited to spend time with my girl but it makes for very, very long days.

Saturday is a long awaited and needed shopping trip day for the girls. Should be a fun mom and girl day. Hoping to find lots of bargains to fill up their closets and their drawers.

I've come undone and I need a bandaid until I can put myself back together. Thank the Lord for busy schedules. It means my kids are still home. It means that for the time being I have little ones that need me. We will be empty nesters soon enough. For now, I'll find some band-aids and wait for a respite to come.

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